Mission Statement


The Merced Area Christian Counseling Center (MACCC) is an organization of committed Christian caregivers. We provide a safe setting in which persons can seek social, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth within a context of care and concern.

Our goal is to provide quality Christian mental health care through.

… competent service

The MACCC provides competent counseling services designed to encourage social, emotional, and spiritual growth. These services are characterized by compassion and confidentiality, and are biblically grounded and clinically sound.

… which is congruent with the Christian faith

All directors, employees, interns, and trainees of the MACCC, whether paid or unpaid, are active members of Merced area churches. Our work with the MACCC is a cooperative effort ministry, serving our Lord Jesus Christ, by ministering to our neighbors. Services provided will not conflict with Christian faith nor with the Bible, and will encourage spiritual growth.

… by a cooperative effort

The MACCC works in conjunction with local churches in a cooperative effort. The MACCC serves as a resource to the clergy and church leaders to meet the needs of their communities.

… and by providing a center for training

The MACCC aims to provide training for Christians who wish to serve as counseling interns or lay counselors.